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JD and Elliot are back together.  That’s right.  They’re giving it a go, AGAIN.  I can’t wait to see how this miserable relationship fails again.  Ok, back up.  I did not have class today, so I spent some time at a Starbucks catching up on 24 and Scrubs.  I’ve been a fan of Scrubs for a while now (before you forbade me to watch it, Mom, I can’t help it).  And for all of its crass humor and wayward messages that I disagree with, you can’t argue with watching flawed people try to come to grips with themselves and their relationships.  They’ve failed over and over again, usually because JD’s an idiot, although sometimes Elliot has had something to do with it.  And each time, I die a little inside.  But now, they’re going for it again.  The new episode ends with them holding hands as they leave Sacred Heart. 

Relationships.  Hmmm.  Why does this evoke such a spontaneous blog from deep within me?   I’m not sure.  I’m definitely flawed.  I’ve definitely had a few failed relationships that probably could have amounted to something if both of us had been on the ball a little more.  So why does it seem so nice to see two people put themselves in a position where history tells us they will surely fail again?  Because most of us are indeed looking for someone who gets us.  Some of us are going about it wrong, some of us are looking for it to manifest itself in the wrong way, but we still are looking for that person that GETS us.  Whether it’s long talks or being silent together, having an adventure or sitting around, we want someone who just wants to be there with us. 

Why are we so picky then?  There are probably plenty of people who could be that person for us.  There are probably plenty of people that we could be that person for them.  Why do we assume there’s one mystical person that can be that for us?  I know that messes with me quite a bit.  Let me clarify for a second though: I do believe we have to be discriminate in this area.  I know that not ANYONE can be this person AND make us better people.  Not anyone can be this person and cause us to draw close to God.  But surely there’s more than one out there, right?  So why do we get so bent out of shape hoping for this to happen with one specific person, and when it doesn’t, we fall to a heap on the ground?  Why can’t we just smile and keep looking? 

By now you’ve probably realized that I’m writing this to myself because I don’t have all the answers to this.  This is a project that my brain has been working on for the last year, and we’ll see where it goes (as always, I love collaboration, so share your thoughts!).  But to continue on- this is why i’m such a big fan of just living life and seeing who ends up at your side.  If we’re looking for someone who’s going to share our lives, then they just may already be a part of your life.  Maybe not, but maybe so.  Anyways, I had to get this off my chest.  Please, talk to me about this.  I’ll try to do better about approving comments faster.  We’ll see where the discourse leads. 


Laying down my pride

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I’m sitting in a Starbucks right now, trying to stretch my hour long break as long as possible before heading back into the 16th Street Sheraton (formerly the Adam’s Mark) for another practice and worship set.  This is possibly the first chance I’ve had since to Tuesday night to actually sit and just think about my week.  Starting Tuesday night, we began practicing in earnest and 40 hours of practice later, by Friday, we had 35 songs as a band.  It was intense.  My voice hurts.  I feel awkward because I don’t have my guitar/shield with me on stage.  There are a few things I think I’d do differently.  People are unorganized. 

….And then, we worshipped.  We worshipped.  Despite the pain, despite the weariness, despite the lack of organization, despite the little things I desperately wanted to change, but couldn’t because I’m not the leader.  And, immediately, it’s all worth it.  Recently, I had a great talk with a friend.  We talked about how God moves in our lives.  And we talked my next steps in life.  One thing I kept saying is that God will have to open this door that I wanted to open big if He wanted me through it.  She told me to forget about that.  Be in motion, let God shut doors.  It made me think about Paul.  How many places did he, this great man of God, go where the door was shut?  Yet, he kept going where his heart told him to go, and he eventually found that place where God had for him.  It made me think about all the hypotheticals and future possibilities I agonize over, and let the possibilities paralyze me. 

I can’t claim to be in tune to God’s will every second of every day, but if my heart is seeking after His with everything I have, He’ll get me there.  So here I am at this conference, agonizing again over the details.  Should I speak up? Should I not?  Should I participate?  Should I not?  Well, my heart is seeking the Kingdom first, the glory of our King above all.  I definitely get distracted at times, but I know this part remains.  And God has added the rest.  He’s given me a great perspective on the things I cannot change, and even worked out some of the things I was worried no else noticed.  How big is our God?  The answer is immeasurably big, in case you were wondering.  I’m learning a lot here.  Being humbled again and again.  Growing as a musician and as a worshipper.  If you’re a college student, I hope you’ll take any opportunity you get to check out DCC in the future. 

I’ve got a lot more thoughts on a lot of different things, but with 4 hours of sessions a day and another 4 hours of practices (at least), they might have to wait to be written down.  But for the 7 or so of you who check this blog a day (yes, I check my stats religiously), here is a list of thoughts rolling through my head:

music, worship, sound systems, guitars, “With Everything” (, grace, relient k, girls, relationships, hair product, clothes, homeless people, Starbucks, long-distance friendships, people who pop in and out of our lives unexpectedly but repeatedly, pride, musicianship, Singer’s Saving Grace (, dinner. 

Dinner- I need some of that NOW.  Leave any comments you have about any of those thoughts so we can talk about them later.  Peace!