(I found this one in my drafts folder this morning- it’s amazing what a Sunday off can do for you. Anyways, I hope you enjoy it.)

For a long time now, one of my favorite books of the Bible has been the book of Hosea. In it, God chooses a prophet who is to be a living example of how God loves His people. He instructs Hosea to go marry a prostitute, and not only is she a woman with a checkered past, but she is repeatedly unfaithful to him. Good story, good illustration. It’s nice to know that God loves prostitutes, they need that more than anyone. Well, that’s true, but that’s not the point of the story. The idea is not so much that God loves everyone, even prostitutes, as much as this: the way a prostitute is unfaithful to her husband with her “many lovers,” so we are to God.


We have not just sinned against God, we have plainly tossed His love and faithfulness out the window for fleeting and empty pleasures. We run to the first person who calls our name and give up the one who is the most enduring and love-worthy.


Why do we do this over and over? It kills me to think about it. I don’t think this book would mean anything to me unless I had seen this in my own life. Even at times in this story, Israel is doing all the “right” things, but they still miss out on experiencing God. The verse that really sticks out to me is in Chapter 6, verse 6, “For I desire mercy, not sacrifice, and acknowledgement of God rather than burnt offerings…”. Their hearts were not right, they sold out to the things that could replace God instead of drawing them more intimately to Him.

And so we see this tension building in the story, because our God is a jealous lover. I would think most of us have some concept of what it feels like to be betrayed, on some level, by someone you love dearly. It burns. It burns to your very core. Our God burns when we take the love and devotion that we said we would give to Him and we give it to another. It’s not because He’s weak, or His character is lacking (someone told me that once), it’s because He knows that His love can offer us so much. It is not just life in terms of heaven, but it’s a completeness. It’s in this love that we finally become who we were meant to be, and so much more than the world would let us be.

If you want to read one of the most beautiful passages ever, read Hosea 11 and Hosea 14. They say it far better than I ever could, but for now I’ll rest knowing my God is calling my name and waiting for me to acknowledge Him. Peace.

One Response to “Hosea”

  1. nakedtruth77 Says:

    I LOVE Hosea! It’s such a beautiful picture.

    And I think you should read Redeeming Love – it’s loosely based on Hosea. Do it 🙂

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