Ready… Set… Nope, not yet.

You want to know what I was most excited for with end of college in sight?  Doing stuff.  College is about preparing for the rest of your life, so naturally, I was pretty excited for The Rest of My Life to arrive on May 18th.  It was going to be great.   The Rest of My Life would come, we’d become fast friends and be off to change the world, and our exploits would be heard of all over the world.  Well, apparently God saw fit to delay the arrival of The Rest of My Life, and instead is asking me to patiently accept only The Next Chapter of My Life.  Blast. 

Don’t get me wrong, I am excited for The Next Chapter of My Life.  It’s just… I’m going to have to wait for a lot of things.  And I’m not very good at waiting.  At least, I don’t want to wait.  A good friend of mine reminded me of a story about waiting.  This guy leaves his home, finds the girl of his dreams and a potential job.  But he essentially enters indentured servitude for 7 years, just to win the girl.  Only he gets tricked, he ends up having to work another 7 years to finally get the girl.  Then, it’s another 6 years of work till he has enough to set out on his own.  20 years. 

I know people lived a little longer back then, but seriously, 20 years?  I’ve barely been alive 20 years, but I imagine it might have been the same with Jacob too.  Here’s how I noticed he approached his time of waiting: he got to work.  He worked HARD.  And he was smart too.  He not only just put in his time, but he spent years separating strong livestock from weak so that when his time came, the livestock that he was allowed to take would be the strongest (=most valuable) possible. 

If ever there was a guy who balanced the American Dream of controlling your own destiny and yet knew his utter dependence on God, it was Jacob (see the conversation he had after wrestling with the angel). 

And so, the fact is, I’m waiting, but in the meantime- it’s back to work.

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