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The sun is shining

Posted in Uncategorized on November 10, 2009 by jbasedow4

It’s hard to articulate what’s flowing through my mind right now.  Riding on 3 hours of sleep after ONE last night (which was HUGELY blessed), I am taking a sabbath (something I’m not familiar enough with) and getting rocked by a combo of songs: You Reign, To Know Your Name, In Your Freedom, and Second Chance.  I’ll post the lyrics that are currently destroying me at the end of this post.

Here are my takeaway thoughts from ONE last night:  we saw a glimpse of heaven last night and it was wonderful.  It is always worth it to give ourselves to worshipping our God.

After ONE, at IHOP, I was thinking about what Brett Whitlow said about tilling the tough soil to make it ready for planting and ultimately harvest.  Then Dylan Curtis brought this idea that he’d be ok if his life was so service oriented that he was a kind of faceless person who was simply forgotten when he died.  I really liked that idea.  It’s something that I’ve often thought of.  I want my life to be kingdom oriented.  I want to know in my final seconds that I gave more than I took, in fact, I want to know I left it all on the table.  I want to know that loving God, serving the saints, and loving the lost was so much more important than my own well being or comfort.

I’m not there yet, which is ok.  But it’s a vision that’s before my face more-so after a night like last night.  If I become faceless, that’s ok.  If I never record an album, own a brand new car, lead a church, whatever, I would be ok if I was able to know that God used to me make every place I went better by serving where needed, and giving to those who need it around me.    That’s all.  Have a great day and enjoy the following lyrical montage!

What could stand before You
As You chose to embrace
A cross so undeserved You took for me
The weight of sin upon You
When You offered Your life
As You walked the streets of men
With fading strength

How could we live but not see
Your sacrifice
Your glory

You reign, You reign
Over everything Lord, You reign
With power, and justice divine
Over everything Lord, You reign

What was Your last thought
As You drew Your last breath
Where the victory was Yours for us to see
And all will know the truth
As we live by Your grace
Every praise to You alone

See now the King of Glory
Love of God become my calling
Father I surrender all I am to You forever

´Cause I know You gave the world
Your only son for us
To know Your name
To live within the Saviour’s love and He took my place
Knowing He’d be crucified
And You loved, You loved
A people undeserving!

You called my name
Reached out Your hand
Restored my life
And I was redeemed
The moment You entered my life

Amazing grace
Christ gave that day
My life was changed
When from my shoulders
Fell the weight of my sin

So it’s with everything I am
I reach out for Your hand
The hope for change
The second chance I’ve gained

Consume my thoughts
As I rest in You
I’m now in love
With a Saviour
Bearing the marks of His love

So I’ll wait upon You now
With my hands released to You
Where a little faith’s enough
To see mountains lift and move

I search for You God of strength
I bow to You in my brokenness
And no other King could have so humbly come
To save my soul and heal my heart
I have nothing more than all You offer me
There is nothing else that’s of worth to me
And I love You Lord
You rescued me
You are all that I want
You’re all that I need

In Your freedom I will live
In Your freedom I will live
I offer devotion, I offer devotion

Jesus knew…

Posted in Uncategorized on November 4, 2009 by jbasedow4

I’m sitting in Starbucks right now listening to two of my new favorite songs: Dance with Me and Obsession, relaxing the legs after three LONG days of work.  But an interesting idea came up and I think it’s time to break the blog hiatus.   One of my favorite theological-conversation-friends and I were talking about how to confront people in the church in leadership positions with behavior that’s not acceptable.  Or at least, the few glimpses we get of that behavior SEEM unacceptable.   My buddy brought up the great point that I need to be unassuming in my conversation with this person, because as of right now, I really have no idea where she’s coming from.  But I disagreed with him when he said that that’s the example that Jesus set for us.

Now we both quickly agreed on the fact that Jesus didn’t have to assume- He is God and He knows.  But I would say that the example Jesus gives to us who do not know is in fact the lack of condemnation that He had even when dealing with people clearly living in sin.

Look at the woman at the well (John 4):

Jesus knows from the beginning that this woman is living sin, and has been for a while, but He’s chosen her to be the one who carries the message of His “living water” to the Samaritans of her town.  He is not concerned for the damage His image will bear by talking to her, He’s not concerned with shaming her, or with using her as an example of the type of person we should avoid.  He’s concerned with her restoration.  From the very first words He speaks to her, He is preparing her to hear His message and be changed by it.

There is a bigger picture here- that the Samaritans in that area responded to Jesus with belief and an attitude of worship.  But I find myself enamored by the individual interaction here.  The care that Jesus takes in revealing Himself as the Messiah to a woman, a Samaritan (despised by the Jews), and a woman living with a man who is not her husband after divorcing many others.  Without getting preachy, this woman would be held in high esteem in our own culture today, much less in that day.

Why are we so intent upon condemning the behavior we see in the others around us?  We are so smugly satisfied and yet disgusted at the same time when we see a brother or a sister fall into sin.  We are quick to point out their fault and distance ourselves, and we are slow to forget.  Galatians 6:1 says that if any our brothers and sisters fall into sin, we should restore them gently.

How much pride must be rotting my soul for me to feel smugly satisfied seeing a brother or sister fall instead of feeling my heart break for the damage they are wreaking in their own life?  Which is why I’m drawn to the woman who finds Jesus at the well.

What an eternal honor to be one of the few in human history to have an audible conversation face to face with the Savior of the world and then to be used by Him to bring others into the Kingdom!   Jesus certainly knew the impact this woman could have on those in her community if her life was changed, but He also certainly believed that the heart inside her was worth saving in the first place.  And He gave her an invitation to her to worship Him.

Think about this!  If He gave her an invitation to worship (this is implied through their conversation about true worship, His revelation to her about His identity, and the many Samaritans who believed by her testimony), then we are to believe that He sought out the worship of a sinner, He brought her to belief, and then used her to change the world around her.

There is a lot more to talk about on this topic, but I think this is enough for now.  At least, it’s all my mind and heart can soak up right now.  Please, I would love to hear your thoughts on this.  Have a great night!